We all experienced about to build a business from passion, hard time, forcefully and heritage. But some of them build a business from their emotions too.
Is it possible to build a profitable business from emotions? Would any business are existing which is create from emotion?
As a human being this type of question is common to raise in our mind because from the begging we heard that to do business the some necessary things are required like;
1. Most important thing is Great Idea.
2. Capital
3. Assets
4. And much more thing as per idea.

Still we are not able to digest that connection of emotion and business. How it is possible?
This is a story of “AAROHI” who belong to a middle class family and student of CMA, somewhere she likes a guy which is doing same, his name is “Praveen”. We can say that he is a type of guy which so many girls like him and AAROHI is also one of them. But he has a lot of attitude and don’t respect the emotions and feeling.
After such time Aarohi became his friend and they both started talking, chatting on social site and sharing photos and videos.
On the birthday of Praveen, Aarohi makes a beautiful handmade gift for him. She collect the collection of his photos and peoples thought about him. On this gift she uses her creativity and approx she takes a week for making this beautiful gift. Praveen also like this gift and he appreciate this gift with his friends and family.
Next month, Praveen request to Aarohi for making the same gift for his friend and she couldn’t refuse him and ready to making this gift. But this time Aarohi make this gift in only four days. Again Praveen appreciate her and on return she only gives innocent smile.
Aarohi share the photo of this gift with her friends and one of them give her opinion to Aarohi that “why don’t you propose him in the same way”.
She like this idea and then she start to making one more gift and this time she use more creativity and ideas.
After a month, she found a perfect time and gives this gift to Praveen and immediate he opens the gift and started to read it. At this time the excitement of Aarohi is in the high level.
Praveen smile and look at the Aarohi, suddenly he tore the gift and said “you know which gift I made from you, that was for my girlfriend and a girl like you are not made for me” and he use some wrong words for Aarohi which hurt her.
After crying for such days, she decides to forget him and move on my life. Meanwhile her friend came and request to make a gift like that then, suddenly a word came from Aarohi’s mouth “I will charge five hundred rupees for it”.
She is ready to give him money as a consideration and Aarohi surprised and thought on mind “I told her money because I don’t want to make that type of gifts and I think if I ask for money then she refuse but she accept the offer”.
After a while some more friends told her for the gift then she starting to charge one thousand per gift plus some amount (if any addition on gift). And now she made a one gift in one day.
When she realized that she earn more than a normal job, she start her own retail shop near her house. One day Praveen also came on her shop as a costumer but he is over think that she will never charge single rupee with him. He notices that there is lot of costumer here so he waits for a while.
After that he gives an order of two gifts and as soon as he leaving, Aarohi stop him and said your total amount is three thousand rupees and you have to pay half of amount in advance. Now Praveen surprised and he have no option he gave him half of amount and left from her shop.
One of her friend notice to Aarohi the she asked “there is nothing additions in his gift so why are you charge one thousand extra?”
She smile and answered “old balance…
Here, there is an emotion of Aarohi behind the gift but now this gift became a “profitable business for her.
Sometime you only need emotions to start business as they became the key to everything,
And money and idea became secondary.

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