A word “BICHARA” can spoil your personality

  • It’s true that a single word can spoil someone’s personality?

           But how?

Now I tell you a small story of two childhood friend, which are also neighbors of each other.

One of them is “VIVAAN” who is a business man and another one is “KRUPESH” who is a professional boxer. They both wakeup early and get jogging and exercise together and only this morning time they meet and share their feeling, emotions and problems.

It’s a morning of Monday which is a special day of both of them. VIVAAN is going to huge deal of some product manufacturing for government department and Krupesh has a tournament fight today where if he won he get a winning price which is ten lakh rupees.

At 4 pm of evening VIVAAN came back to the home and his face were dull, his mom know that he have not getting such deal. So when he came to home his mom is stood with neighbor aunt and telling her about VIVAAN failure. As soon as she looks at the VIVAAN, she communicates “oh… BICHARA VIVAAN, how he doing hard work but still has failed. BICHARA.”

After listening this statement VIVAAN sounded “hmmm…”

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At the same KRUPESH was also seen that he has coming and his tournament was live on TV so everyone know that he lose the match. Suddenly he stopped and his hand on the pocket and take out a ear plug which he use for meditation and put it from his ear and start moving toward the house, he know the habit of that neighbor aunt.

As soon as he reached at home he did simple hello to everyone and trying to ignore whatever they said. His face and hand is injury so he excused taking rest and giving all of them a small smile and left from there.

Next morning VIVAAN is not coming for morning walk so KRUPESH call him and told him for meeting at 9am in his house.

Exact at 9 am he meet with KRUPESH then he asked to VIVAAN “why are not coming at morning?”

His face still look like dull and depressed then he answered “what I would do?”

VIVAAN; what you mean?

KRUPESH; I wake up at early morning from last four year and still I fail.

VIVVAN shouted him: what is the link between your failures with early morning wake up.

Krupesh didn’t give any reply then VIVAAN communicate “you know what’s your problem, you have taken the words of aunt very seriously. She said you “BICHARA” and now you became a “BICHARA”. Because you are comfort with this word and you are happy with this type of sympathy.”

“Tell me one thing; what are you doing something special for that deal?

Nothing, you only create a project for giving a competitive to your competitors. At early morning you don’t do anything which effect in your deal or your life. But that sympathy word “BICHARA” effect in your life, it’s only a deal for you and the losing match was only a match for me, who can’t destroy our life understand?”

Krupesh nodded and came back to the work and they both promise to each other that they live far away from that aunt.


source: www.pixabay.com

What is the conclusion of this story?

The answer is that the word “BICHARA” is only a word but it play with our life. For example if you smoke once a time then you feel okay, then second time you feel fine and third time you want more and then you are habitual to smoke. Same as if you listen this word “BICHARA” you feel okay, second time you feel fine, third time you want people will give sympathy to you and then you are habitual to the sympathy.

As habit of smoking is spoil your kidney, same as the word “BICHARA” spoil your mind which is directly effect in your personality or in your goals also.

And always remember that the sympathy always make a person weak.

“Be strong, ignore sympathies.”

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